oil glue laminating machine

Generally speaking, oil glue laminating machine refers to a kind of laminating equipment in home textile, clothing, furniture, automobile interior and other related industries.

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Combined production process, it is divided into glue compound and glue-free compound, glue compound is further divided into water glue, PU oil glue, hot melt glue, etc. The glue-free compound process is mostly direct hot pressing bonding between materials or using Flame combustion compounding, the current national standard for oil-gluing compound machine has been implemented. Features of the oil-glue laminating machine: On the basis of the conventional glue point laminating machine, the whole machine has upgraded the functions of automatic deviation correction, automatic centering, automatic edge stripping, automatic cloth feeding, automatic opening, and automatic waste edge blowing. The composite material has the advantages of uniform coating, smooth composite, no stretching deformation, no foaming, no wrinkling, softness, excellent air permeability, neat winding, strong peeling fastness, washing resistance, etc.usage: Mainly used in apparel fabrics, non-falling, fleece, plush, non-woven fabrics, terry cloth, cotton, denim, TC cloth, lace cloth, leather, sponge, woven fabric, PU leather, PVC leather and other materials. The composite between. Widely used in clothing jackets, winter clothes, thermal underwear, insulation pads, car interiors, shoes and hats, luggage, decoration, home textiles and other industries.Features: 1. The whole machine upgrades the functions of automatic feeding, automatic rectification, automatic centering, automatic edge expansion, automatic opening, and automatic blowing of waste on the basis of the conventional glue point compound machine. Significantly reduced labor (saving 2-3 people than conventional compound machines) 2. The composite material has the advantages of uniform coating, compound flatness, no tensile deformation, no foaming, no wrinkle, softness, good gas permeability, neat winding, strong peeling fastness and water washing resistance. 3, a variety of composite materials, such as cloth stickers, cloth film, especially suitable for the composite of double-sided or four-sided elastic fabric. 4. Receiving and unwinding can choose the appropriate configuration according to different materials; 5. According to the characteristics of different materials, some devices can be added or removed; 6, suitable for water-soluble and solvent-based adhesive coating composite, to achieve a multi-purpose function. 7. The amount of glue applied and the type of glue applied can be adjusted according to the material and actual needs. 8. The drum heating can be performed by means of electricity, steam or heat transfer oil. 9. The width of the machine roll surface can be specified according to the large width of the actual material. 10, the use of gear transmission precision and safety is higher. Automatic drawing at both ends is more efficient and energy efficient. 11. The whole system can be controlled by intelligent PLC program touch screen or mechanical type.

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